Subject: Re: BAARF goes to Hollywood
From: Michael M÷ller
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 10:54:05 +0200
To: Carol Dacko
CC: Mogens N°rgaard, OakTable Dist List

Subtitles (you have to cut-n.paste them to the appropriate scene) :

BAARF - A little over four years ago, me and my friend James Morles founded - and me - the BAARF party. BAARF is the abbreviation for "Kamp Mod Enhver RAID Fem" - that is, Battle against any Raid Five. We had grown tired of again and again and again having to explain why RAID 5 is worse than RAID 1+0, worse than RAID 0+1, worse ... We had grown tired of it, this was enough, we would never discuss this again and thus we founded the BAARF party. You could become a member and join - or not. We did not care. And that was that, the slightly humorous, starting point. Since then various technical articles and documents and suchlike on RAID technology have been placed on the party site, BARRF.COM (... and ...) I know that lots of people have had enjoyment from reading these articles, get to understand why RAID 5 is some hodgepodge, and in a few cases, subsequently even have been able to use this [knowledge] to fight, successfully, against this nonsense, where a RAID 5 implementation was contemplated. People can join, there is a page they fill in, with a little thingy they fill out, on BAARF.COM and you fill it out and then you are member of the BAARF party. Our greatest member is a guy called Jim Gray, one of the giants in IT-research, helped defined what a "Transaction" is in those days, part of, even founder of, Microsoft Research. Jim Gray heard James Morle and I talk of BAARF one day when he had complained about RAID 5, at some meeting in London, and asked immediately where he could sign up. Which he did the very next day. As you probably know, Jim Gray disappeared, under tragic circumstances, on his boat as he sailed alone, with his mother ashes, out from the west coast. Despite that everyone at Google, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and others looked at satellite images, sailed out on their own boats, he was never found. But he had managed to become a member of the BAARF party. You can do this too.

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